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Top supported clubs in Europe [Nov. 7th, 2009|10:18 am]

There are only two Premiership clubs in the top ten of the best supported in Europe.

Manchester United have been named ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid as the best supported club in Europe. Their average attendance of 75,304 last season saw them leapfrog Madrid, who dropped from first to fifth in the annual rankings by analysts Futebol Finance.

Top ten best supported clubs:

1) Manchester United - average 75,304
2) Borussia Dortmund - 74,748
3) Barcelona - 71,045
4) Real Madrid - 70,816
5) Bayern Munich - 69,000
6) Schalke - 61,442
7) Arsenal - 60,040
8) AC Milan - 59.757
9) Celtic - 57,366
10) Hamburg - 54,811


TV Pretplata (a mi mislili RTS lopovi...) [Oct. 13th, 2009|08:44 am]
Dobih ovaj mail juche od mog telefonsko/internetskog provajdera BELL-a (bio bi i za TV, ali na to nisam pretplacjen jer ne gledamo TV,
ni nemamo ga), pa odluchih da podelim sa svim mojim dragim Srbima u Srbiji... :)

Dear Customer,

Help stop your TV fees from increasing. CTV, Global and the CBC have recently asked the Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to significantly increase TV taxes.

The CRTC has been asked to do this by having Bell and the other operators pay more, which would result in higher fees for you.

We don’t think that’s right, you shouldn’t either. So please speak and have your say.

This is what’s happening.

The CRTC has told satellite and cable companies to hand over $100 million a year as of September 1, 2009.
These fees are being passed on to you.

This money is passing through something called the Local Programming Improvement Fund (LPIF) – straight to media giants like
CTVglobemedia and Canwest Global, straight to the CBC.

No new local programming, no improvement to anything other than the bottom line of broadcasters.

You are now likely paying for this on your TV bill.

You should also know that hot on the heels of that campaign, CTV, Global and the CBC are now lobbying for even more.

Each year, satellite and cable companies pay hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcasters. We contribute to the CRTC’s
operating budget. Although to date these fees have not been broken out on monthly bills, you need to know they exist – especially
because the TV networks still want more.

If the CRTC gives in to the broadcasters’ latest demand and lets local TV stations charge for their currently free over-the-air
local signals, it would more than double the portion of your Bell TV bill going to government fees – and into the bank accounts
of the broadcasters, like CTV, Global and the CBC.

In fact, if the CRTC lets broadcasters have their way, then government-imposed fees will be just shy of one billion dollars.

It’s time to say enough. Help make it stop. Let the CRTC know what you think about new TV taxes -- have your say.

The Male-O-Drome: 15 Things Men Lose to Relationships [Oct. 4th, 2009|05:26 pm]
[Current Mood |enthralledEnlightened]

I have found this article here and I wanted to share it with everybody because I sincerely believe it to be very true. Also, if you are wondering why did I copy/paste the whole article here when it's already there, here is why:

If for ANY <im>possible reason that article disappears from the original web site, I will always have it here. That's how much I liked it. :)

Without further ado, I give you

The Male-O-Drome: 15 Things Men Lose to Relationships

While on the whole, relationships are universally recognized as a good thing, and strived for, there are certain drawbacks that must be equally recognized. The fact is that men literally live two different lives; there’s the single man, and then there is the committed man. Men are usually forced to go through both stages several times before finally settling into one or the other, but the two lifestyles are distinct. These 15 freedoms make up the basic framework of those things we lose when transitioning between the single life, and finally committing to that long sought-after relationship.

Games and Toys

This one is especially painful, so much so that many men start weaning themselves off random gadgetry while still single in an attempt to minimize future losses. You like motorcycles? They’re too dangerous. You want six different gaming consoles? You’ll be lucky if she lets you keep just one. Toys are for boys, men spend their money on more sensible things, like Volvo’s and kitchen appliances.

Hanging Out With the Guys

It can be heard echoing around the halls of many a tap-room: “Another good man gone.” When men are with women, they’re completely with them. There’s just no way out of it, in order to really cement a committed relationship, a man must spend time with his woman, and that time is generally the same time his friends want to hang out. When he does finally have time to hang out, his friends are either at work or sleeping for once. This is a sad fact of life. Get used to being the third wheel while your girl chats it up with her bff from work. Oh, and all the cosmo’s are on you too, so bring your wallet.

Your Work Focus

One of the nice things about being single that gets noticed is success at work. If you’ve got no significant other to preoccupy yourself with, then you are able to completely pour yourself into your work, entirely without any negative consequences. Your bank account will swell and your boss will love you; your family and friends all see what a success you are, you’re the go-to guy at the company. Enter your love interest. Oh how quickly things change…

Keeping Your Own Schedule

You haven’t had to follow somebody else’s schedule since you were in grade school, but that changes when you get yourself a girlfriend. It’s just not kosher to run around until three in the morning when she’s at home waiting for you, and skipping dinner won’t work either. Get used to a bit more structured schedule than what you’re used to.

No Drama, No Arguments

The only arguments you might have single are probably with your best friend over which movie Monica Bellucci hottest in, or what beer tastes better. That’s not how life in a relationship is. There are fights all the time, and they’re usually over nothing.

Having Money

This is a no-brainer. We may live in a modern society, but let’s face it, some things just don’t change. Men have more money when they’re single, it’s a fact, that’s all there is too it. Get a girlfriend, spend more money, a lot more. It’s up to you to decide how much is too much, but if you’re like most of us, that line gets crossed pretty regularly, and with a smile on your face.

Getting Lucky

Even if you do manage to get some time out on the town with the guys every now and then, it just won't be like it used to be. There will be text messages or phone calls, and you’ll have to return them. You won’t be anxious about the possibilities, because you already know how the night will end. You may not even be out that long, since keeping it responsible means keeping it down to just a couple of beers. Things just aren't like they used to be anymore.

Random Travel on a Whim

Feel like taking a few well-earned sick days this week and grabbing the cheapest discount round-trip flight out of here? That kind of spontaneity gets girls to notice you, but it doesn’t fly anymore when one of them becomes a permanent fixture in your life. The random road-trips, the hosteling in Europe, the weekends on your buddy’s couch in Denver, it all comes to an end when you share a bed.

Eating Whatever You Want

Cold pizza for breakfast, three energy drinks by lunch, and a double cheese before you hit the bar may be an average Wednesday now, but that’s going to change. You’ll be lucky to keep coffee in your morning agenda, as you’ll be submitted to every form of tofu-laden, green tea enhanced torture that your new squeeze can come up with. The only burgers you may be seeing will be tofurkey. You could keep the good stuff if you rope a chick who appreciates the food men love, but she’s probably not going to fit in the size zero panties you want on your floor.

Decorating Your Own Place

It’s become a goal of every woman to someday conquer and renovate a man cave, a phrase they’ve proliferated in their merciless quest to further Ikea’s dominance across the globe. The countless man-hours you’ve spent collecting the perfect eclectic mix of nonsense materials to give your place that touch of you will be stripped of all character and whitewashed into art deco oblivion the moment her toothbrush hits your sink.

Sleeping Whenever, and Wherever You Want

You won’t have the luxury of passing out on any flat surface within sight anymore once a woman enters your life. You will be all but required to sleep with her, where she sleeps, when she sleeps, for as long as she sleeps. No more sleeping in, unless she wants to, and no more night-owling either. Nocturnal gamers rue the day they finally acquire a girlfriend, as those kinds of hours aren’t for respectable couples.

Interest in Physical Fitness

You probably keep yourself in pretty good shape while single and on the prowl, since you kind of need to. Since being physically attractive is probably about 90% responsible for success in the dating game, it’s only natural that you attempt to keep yourself in check. Unfortunately, the first thing to go when you’ve got a girl is your physique. It’s tough to keep that will-power when she’s telling you that you’re cute with that double bacon cheeseburger and chocolate malt.

Drinking All Day

Waking up at seven in the morning to a shot of bourbon is no longer an option when in a relationship. You can still drink, but the purpose behind that drinking is different now - it used to be in an overall attempt to get laid, and now it’s just part of socializing, and has a very low cap placed on it. Your drinking days are effectively over, unless you scored a lush, in which case you’re both going to end up in rehab.

Dressing Any Way You Want, and Still Getting Chicks to Flirt With You

Mismatched argyle socks and ironic t-shirts with blazer combinations may get you results now, while you wander in and out of bars freely, but you’re in for a surprise if you think your new girlfriend is going to let you get away with that for long. Sure, she thought it was cute at first, but she’s not about to let you meet her parents dressed like that.

Picking Your Own Music, TV Shows, and Movies

It’s one of those things that most men just don’t think about - until it’s too late. The music we listen to while driving those long trips out of town, the TV shows we watch every week, our favorite movies, they all fall victim. Your girlfriend will quickly gain control of the remote control, and she will always have her favorite song of the moment playing in the car. When the newest movie based on a comic you loved as a kid comes out this summer, you can wave to its poster while you’re dragged into the new Twilight installment by your loving other half.

Billy Talent - Rusted from the Rain [Sep. 20th, 2009|02:03 am]
[Current Mood |restlessrestless]

This song is just kicking my ass...


I stumble through the wreckage, Rusted from the rain.
There's nothing left to salvage, No one left to blame.
Among the broken mirrors, I don't look the same.
I'm rusted from the rain.
I'm rusted from the rain.

Dissect me 'til me blood runs, Down into the drain.
My bitter heart is pumping, Oil into my veins.
I'm nothing but a tin man, Don't feel any pain.
I don't feel any pain.
I don't feel any pain.
I'm rusted from the rain.

Go on, crush me like a flower, Rusted from the rain.
C'mon strip me of my power, Beat me with the chains.
And if I'm the King of cowards, You're the Queen of pain.
I'm rusted from the rain.
I'm rusted from the rain.

You hung me like a picture, Now I'm just a frame.
I used to be a lap dog, Now I'm just a stray.
Shackled in the graveyard, Left here to decay.
Left here to decay.
Left here to decay.
I'm rusted from the rain.

[ 3x ]
Go on, crush me like a flower, Rusted from the rain.
C'mon, strip me of my power, Beat me with the chains.
And if I'm the King of cowards, You're the Queen of pain.
I'm rusted from the rain.
I'm rusted from the rain.

Oh, the sun will shine again.  I'm rusted from the rain.
I'm rusted from the rain.
Oh, the sun will shine again. I'm rusted from the rain.

pffff... kicks ass.


Talk Like a Pirate Day [Sep. 19th, 2009|01:55 am]
Matey, yer be walkin' the plankey, aye. Yarrrr !

19.09.2009. Just a little "restekPa" to the Talk like a Pirate day on my behalf.

Still exponentially growing... [Sep. 17th, 2009|10:12 am]
[Current Location |Computer Architecture class]
[Current Mood |Puzzled]


Interesting view at Toronto (FC) [Sep. 13th, 2009|09:52 am]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

Toronto FC coughed out significant sum of money to Real Madrid to come and play
at BMO field, and then coughed up some more ($250,000) for REAL GRASS.

Unfortunately, knowing the stupid Canadian descision making, looks like that grass
will be removed and artificial one that is under it will be used again.

Anyways, here is a nice shot of BMO field with Toronto skyline in the background.
Enjoy !

TFC - Real

You can read more about the event in this really nice article:


Long live Soccer !


Balada... [Sep. 9th, 2009|01:18 am]
Secam se davno, jos u zlatnom bokalu,
Prvi put sam video mikrofon, staj'o na astalu,
U senci hladnog kestena, gde je moja draga nestala,
Ja urez'o sam ime, bacio prve rime,
Ja sam odrast'o na pesmama gradskih boema,
I pricama alasa kojih danas vise nema,
Kalio se s najboljima, po zadimljenim birtijama,
Udvarao se damama, kockao sa limparima,
Nekad kuci srecan, nekad sve izgubio,
Nekad zenu grlio, nekad kaldrmu ljubio,
I nisam sebi sudio, gde god bi se probudio,
Bol je bio isti, s njim sam se udruzio,
Zato secanja sam skupljao, k'o oziljke da podsete,
Da nije uvek bilo samo hladno I sivo,
Da krv crvena k'o vino, bojila je noci,
Kroz odraze u casi, to su bile tvoje oci,
A ja sam morao da odem, fijaker me je cekao,
Beograde zbogom, mnoge ti stvari nisam rekao.

refren (2x)
Da li se secas kako bilo nam je pre,
Posle svega sta sad ostalo je, moj Beograde

Zaboravi me draga, zaboravi da te volim,
Nastavi da zivis, mozda vise ne postojim,
Grlim secanja u mraku, dok ih kljucom srece bojim,
Da ne mislim na krike shto cuju se niz hodnik,
Dok borim se sa ranama, sanjam da,
Opijam se vinom, rakijom I tamburama,
Starom violinom, I pocepanim glasovima,
Tuznom pesmom cigana, dimom, i polomljenim casama,
Sa boemima mojim se nadvikujem za stolom,
Gadjam, pesmama recitujem, otimam za slovom,
Zbog samo jednog stiha, moj zivot sad je gotov,
Pun stih u srcu, dok kroz prozor gledam otok,
Sanjam da mirisem tvoj pogled, dok se privijas uz mene,
Suze mi poteku kao kise u jesen,
'Ej ne svani pusta zoro, pusti me da ceznem
Nikad ne svani dok u meni ima pesme,
Al' ja sam morao da odem, jer nekome sam smetao,
Beograde zbogom ovo ti josh nisam rekao.

refren (2x)
Da li se secas kako bilo nam je pre,
Posle svega sta sad ostalo je, moj Beograde

Danas rane vise bole, nego zuce iza skole,
Nego zvuci ove strofe, ja sam morao da odem,
Al' sad sam opet ovde, al' sve nam se izgubilo,
Posekli su kesten, gde sam nekad tebe ljubio,
Ne mirisu lipe, nema stare violine,
Nema ciganina sedog da za moju tugu brine,
Moj Beograde
Izgubio sam korene, dzabe nosim ordenje,
Kad niko me ne poznaje,
Pa zvezdu Crnog Djordja, dadoh sad za bokal grozdja,
Sta ce meni orden, kad ja nemam bilo koga,
Samo nespokoj i bol, moji najbolji drugovi,
U kafani lomim case dok mi dusa ne iskrvari,
Balada disidenta, jedna tuzna srpska pesma,
Nekim buducim kafanama, za bolja vremena,
Neka zastane u grlu, kad je neko drugi peva,
Sve je isto u mom kraju, samo mene vise nema,
Ja sam morao da odem, takav nikom nisam trebao,
Beograde zbogom, pamti dobro sta sam rekao!

refren (2x)
Da li se secas kako bilo nam je pre,
Posle svega sta sad ostalo je, moj Beograde


The Holy Light [Sep. 5th, 2009|10:13 am]

The followers of the Holy Light do not worship any gods. Instead, it is a philosophy, training its followers to seek perfection within themselves. It is very much an active practice of virtue rather than a passive worship. Those who follow it closely gain spiritual awareness and guidance, allowing them to lead others.

The Holy Light teaches that there is a connection between the self and the universe. This connection manifests as what we feel through both senses and emotions. When a person is moved, through seeing something breathtaking or feeling love for another, that emotion connects him to the universe. Experiencing the emotion ensures that he exists, as something within him felt the emotions or processed the sensual awareness. Because he exists, so must the universe that gave him that feeling. From there, he can act upon the universe, causing more changes to create feeling in others. Thus, the followers of Holy Light seek to make the world a better place by being true to their own emotions.

The next step in recognizing this connection between the self and the universe is developing the goodness within and without. If one wishes for happiness, one must work to better the universe to make others happy. Experiencing the glory and beauty of the world will in turn tap into the inner beauty and glory within one's soul. However, giving in to greed, despair, and unhappiness will only darken the universe. The Holy Light is the glory of the universe reflected upon the soul and mirrored back onto itself.

The Three Virtues

The philosophy of the Holy Light boils down to the three teachings, called the Three Virtues. These virtues — respect, tenacity and compassion — are each defined into a principle and a lesson.


The first virtue taught is respect. While the Holy Light teaches that awareness of the self and the universe is a goal, one must also see the connection between others and the universe. Destroying other's happiness and severing other's connections with the universe is not serving the world's well being, and therefore not your own. The practitioners of the Holy Light are not naive, however, and understand that trial, conflict, war, and suffering do happen; but they strive to make the universe a better place in spite of these hindrances.


The second virtue is tenacity. The adherence to this virtue is, incidentally, the part of training under the Holy Light that weeds out the unfaithful, as true dedication takes years. Fresh-faced acolytes often lose hope and the true meaning of the Holy Light when they realize that it takes a lifetime to serve the philosophy. The world is much bigger than one lone soul; and while the world can change a soul in a day, it takes much more time to change the world. Only through tenacity can a servant of the Holy Light hope to affect the universe. If some young students feel like this is an impossible task, others take heart in the realization that if you truly believe there is a connection between the self and the universe, one cannot help but affect the other, no matter the size. Affecting the world can include anything from teaching and instilling hope in others to joining with other like-minded individuals to work together to create a bigger change.


After the first two concepts are mastered, the student can take on the final virtue: compassion. The connection between the self and the universe is strong, but it still is only one connection. If a follower of the Light serves another to increase his happiness, his bond with the universe grows stronger. The happiness he receives by helping someone also strengthens himself and the universe, and he is able to affect the universe even more.

Compassion is perhaps the most powerful — and yet most dangerous — virtue.

If someone is too compassionate, he can give help where none is needed — or wanted. This oversight can hinder one's growth and happiness. This would suggest that while one may help another with a seemingly impossible quest, such a quest is not in reality, out of the abilities of such a person and as a result of Compassion such a person has failed to grow. Thus, Compassion (However well intentioned) has resulted in anther's inability to grow as the quest was essentially "done for them" and hence, hindering their growth and happiness.

Some helpers can be awkward and do more harm than good with their actions, increasing the suffering and unhappiness in the world. A well meaning follower of the Light may rush to the aid of an adventurer(s) and wind up gaining too much interest of those attacking, and thus force those they try to help to rush to the follower's aid.

This is why compassion is taught last; only the wise and those fully understanding compassion may identify who is truly in need and who can grow on their own.

Summer Report - addition [Aug. 26th, 2009|09:20 am]
I forgot to add to my summer report that I even started playing soccer in Brampton Soccer Center ! Yipie !
After work I go there and play 2 hour session with random guys.

I feel like I'm reborn again, just I don't know if newborns feel all the pain in the back,
hear squeaking of bones and need 45 min to warm up for the game... :)

"I'm not dead, I feel fine !"
"Just a flesh wound, mere flesh wound !"
"Come back, I'll bite your legs off !"

-- Good ol' Monthy

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